It's been a while since we had a 75/25 raffle and with so many of our special rescue dogs fighting some serious health issues including heart worms and tick borne disease, a good time to help me raise funds for supplies. Charlie is one of these very special dogs. He's made such amazing progress in the 3 short months he's been in foster care having come into our program on Easter Sunday- April 4th. Charlie is around 12 or 13 years old and he was so sickly when he came into the program suffering from heartworms, intestinal parasites, Lyme disease and subsequent anemia. He was also underweight as you could see his ribs and hip bones. He also had flea dermatits with infected smelly skin besides a double ear infection. He was weak, depressed and miserable. 

In 3 months he has gained over 10lbs and his anemia is gone. He is eating great, and he is so much happier. He can even go up and down stairs as he is so much stronger now. You can see Charlie's progress on his FACEBOOK RECOVERY PAGE.

IBR's heart worm slow kill program is ideal for a dog like Charlie and it is wonderful to see him looking and feeling better. We have a few more special dogs with heart worms and tick borne disease in our program including SALLY, KEYLEE and CHURCHILL and we always need to extra fundraising to help these dogs recover.

My hope is to raise $3,000 in the next few days to help me buy more supplies and also help with upcoming vetting procedures. First prize will be 25% of the total amount raised before the raffle ends on July 5th. Second prize is the Bissell vacuum and you would not believe how much labrador hair that little machine can pick up!  Third prize includes the 2 fun dog pillows, dog toys and dog treats which are Charlie tested and approved!!  

Tickets are $10 each and will be mailed for your records. The drawing will end on July 5th at 5pm and winners will be announced on IBR Facebook and via email. Cash winner will be issued a check and unless the other items can be picked up, I can ship via UPS. Good luck and thanks for your support!!