In just over 20 years, IBR has rescued over 1400 dogs, puppies and kitties.   The average cost to vet one of our adult dogs properly runs about $500- average cost for one of our kitties is close to $400 or more.  Most of our incoming dogs and cats whether they are pure bred, mutt, puppy or senior are infected with at least one tick borne disease- usually 3 or 4.  Even our rescue kitty Jameson is fighting 3 tick borne diseases.  Follow up blood work and antibiotics are the biggest expenses we incur for our foster population besides cost of food.  We appreciate any help we can get for the pets in our foster care program. Please visit our home page at Illinois Birddog Rescue for the latest news.

How about a wonderful update?  Here is Miss Peaches with her BFF Nina and her adoptive daddy Ji from Georgia.  She is now heartworm negative because of our Slow Kill treatment and happy as any little precious Pointer should be!  Thanks to all that contributed to her care last year!!