This is our general donation page.  On average - the cost to completely vet one of our rescue dogs or puppies can run over $500.
Here is the breakdown and estimated costs:
Complete Blood Count & Chemistry- $100
IDEXX 371 IFA Serology Tick Panel- $120
Heartworm test: $35
Exam: $40
Vaccinations: $50
Spay or Neuter: $100- $150
Fecal: $25
Antibiotics: $100+ depending on the co infections (per month) many dogs need many months of medication
Heartguard: $15
Scalibor Flea and Tick Collar: $25
Dewormer: $15

Dogs with complicated health issues can run into the thousands.  We can only save dogs based on the availability of foster homes and we are always low on funds. Thankfully the foster homes take care of the food expenses.

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